How To Get Larvesta And Evolve It Into Volcarona – Pokemon Sword and Shield

How to Get Larvesta and Volcarona - Pokemon Isle of Armor

Two very rare Pokemons from the 5th generation are introduced with the expansion of the video game series. Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor offers Larvesta and Volcarona for players to catch, train, and evolve. If you didn’t know already, Volcarona is the evolved version of Larvesta. So, you don’t have to catch them both. Instead, catching Larvesta will allow you to also add Volcarona to the Pokedex. But, the problem is that finding either of the Pokemons is not easy and players have been struggling with the mission. Therefore, we have brought this comprehensive guide to teach you how to find Larvesta and also how to evolve Larvesta into Volcarona.

Where To Find Larvesta And Volcarona In Pokemon Sword and Shield: The Isle Of Armor


We are still in the early phase of discovering the new sites and don’t know exactly how many places Larvesta and Volcarona spawn. However, there have been some confirmed sightings at the Forest of Focus and Loop Lagoon. So, players looking to get their hands on the Pokemons can search this area and most probably you will run into one of the Pokemons.

When You Will Find Larvesta And Volcarona in Loop Lagoon and Forest of Focus

After having played the game for a long time, not the current expansion but the previous series, we can assume that the Pokemon will spawn in more areas then the two mentioned. However, players who have found Larvesta so far in the game have found them in Loop Lagoon and Forest of Focus when there is intense sunlight. Therefore, if you want to catch the Pokemon you must visit the areas when the sunlight is intense. There is word that the weather on July the 1st will be intense sunlight, so you may have to wait until then to catch Larvesta.

How To Find Larvesta And Evolve It Into Volcarona

Once you have caught Larvesta, the next step is to evolve it into Volcarona. You will have to get the Pokemon to level 59 in order to transform it into Larvesta, which is not easy. However, the effort is worth it. Volcarona is not just a powerful Pokemon, but you can use it in different combinations and will give you a competitive advantage. Another benefit of evolving the Pokemon is if you want to fill the Pokedex, it’s a must to fill the empty spot.