How to Get Iron Ore and Smelt It in Dinkum

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Dinkum is a new game that blends elements from well-known games like Stardew Valley, Minecraft, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Dinkum by James Bendon lets players build their own colony on an island modelled after the Australian outback.

This guide will show you how to get Iron Ore in Dinkum.

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Getting Iron Ore & Smelting in Dinkum

Iron Ore is the most valuable ore in the game and is mostly found in mines. Iron Pickaxes can be used to mine Iron Ore. Iron Ore deposits will appear in the overworld very rarely after the first mining expedition. 

You must first obtain a mining license before you can begin mining. The mining license may be obtained at the beginning of the game. Fletcher will sell you the first level of mining for 250 Permit points. 

After obtaining the Level 1 license, you can purchase the Basic Pickaxe from John’s Goods. The Basic Pickaxe costs 1200 Dinks and may be used to mine Tin Ores and Copper Ores. 

To obtain Iron ores, you must first mine copper ores later. This is because you need enough mining experience to unlock Copper Pickaxe. Fletch will sell you a Copper Pickaxe whenever you have enough mining experience and are a level 5 Miner.

You can mine Iron Ore deposits in Dinkum if you have obtained the Copper Pickaxe. Purchase a Furnace from John’s Shop and fill it with Iron Ore. Iron Ore is transformed into Iron Bars, which is how you obtain Iron Bars in Dinkum.

Remember that the Crude Furnace you may make can only smelt tin and copper ores, not iron ore. If you enjoy playing this game, you should check out our Dinkum Game Guide. 

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