How to Get Inferno Sac in Monster Hunter Rise

Inferno Sec is one of the important materials in MH Rise. Players need to gather and collect to improve their performance and equipment in the field. Basarios Tree Long Sword is one of the weapons which can be upgraded using Inferno Sac. This powerful weapon features 180 attacks and Elemental Fire 22 so you can just imagine the power of Inferno Sac.

Many people are wondering, how to get Inferno Sac in Monster Hunter Rise so we have prepared the quick and ultimate guide here.

How to Get Inferno Sac in Monster Hunter Rise

Inferno Sac is one of the rewards for capturing or slaying the following monsters. It can only be obtained on High-Rank. It will show up in the mission reward screen after you bring down the monster. You should know that it is not a guaranteed drop. You need to farm a monster multiple times to obtain it.

You will get Inferno Sac on Sandy Plains, Shrine Ruins, Frost Islands, Lava Caverns, and Flooded Forest maps and complete a High-Rank capture of the following monsters to get Inferno Sac. It doesn’t matter if you slay or capture the enemies, you will get the inferno Sacs anyways.

1. Aknosom (High-Rank): Target Rewards (24%), Carve (19% Body)

2. Rathian (High-Rank): Target Rewards (18%), Carve – (17% Body)

3. Anjanath (High-Rank): Target Rewards (15%)

4. Basarios (High-Rank): Target Rewards (15%)

5. Rathalos (High-Rank): Target Rewards (15%), Carve – (12% Body)

You can slay or capture these monsters as many times as you wish to get Inferno Sac, it respawns when fast traveling to another map.

That’s all you need to know how to Get Inferno Sac in Monster Hunter Rise. Learn more about How to Get Zenny (Money) Fast in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)?

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