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Golden Muck in Monster Hunter Rise is a resource item that can be used to craft a range of item such as Almudron Vambraces, General’s Strongaxe I, Ninha Parasol I, Rath Flamesplitter II, Sleepy Shellsword II, and several other items. Like other items that are used to upgrade to craft weapons, the Golden Muck is also dropped from Monsters, particularly the Almudron. While we cannot confirm this, but there is a chance some other monsters may also drop the weapon. Here is how to get Golden Muck in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR).

Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise) – How to Get Golden Muck

You can get the Golden Muck in Monster Hunter Rise as a drop from the Almudron monster or as a reward for capturing. There is a one in four chance that you will either get one or two of the item. It a good drop rate considering some of the other items in the game. You can also get the item as a reward for capturing the monster, but the drop rate is low and is not the ideal way to farm Golden Muck.

The Almudron inhabits several maps in the game like the Shrine Ruins, Flooded Forest, and Sandy Plains, so you should have no difficulty locating them. To increase the chances of getting the Golden Much, go on an Almudron Hunting quest and the reward could be the muck.

You don’t want to be doing the missions in high rank or you get a much better reward the Golden Sludge, but not the Golden Muck. Once you have the item, you can craft a range of items with the obvious being the Almudron set of weapons and items.

However, there are a range of other items you can craft using the resource, the total being 15 items.

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