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How to Get Ghost Yarn and Silk in V Rising

How to Get Ghost Yarn in V Rising

After playing the game for a fair amount of time, the resource that’s proven to be the most difficult to farm is the Ghost Yarn. Of course, if you unlocked the recipe to make it then there is no need to grind, but if you have not defeated the boss that unlocks it, getting the ghost yarn would be the most painstaking task. Keep reading and we will share the best ways to farm Ghost Yarn and Silk in V Rising and the locations you should definitely check.

V Rising – How to Get Ghost Yarn and Silk

If you have been to the Cursed Forest, you know that the two Ancient Villages at either end of the Cursed Forest Map hold the most resources that you require be it the Ghost Crystals, Grave Dust, Spectral Dust, a few other items, and the Ghost Yarn. However, the Ghost Yarn is not a drop from any type of enemy in the area. Instead, you need to break the wooden boxes. The most we have been able to obtain from one area in a single run is two Ghost Yarns, so it can be a grind.

When in the Ancient Village closest to Dunley Farmland, ensure that you go to the back of the houses. There will be two enemies there. Kill them and break the boxes. The boxes at the back usually have one Ghost Yarn to offer. We also found Silk by breaking these boxes. The spawn rate of silk is even lower than the Ghost yarn.

ghost yarn map location
ghost yarn map location

As already mentioned, it can be a grind especially as you need 8 Ghost Yarn for one Dawnthorn Vestment piece. So, in total, you need 32 Ghost Yarn for the entire set and extra for repairs. Hence, farming the resource may not be the best way to get the item. You should aim to beat the boss and unlock the recipe.

To unlock the Recipe for Ghost Yarn and Silk, you need to beat Ungora the Spider Queen. She is a level 60 boss so you should be able to beat her if you are around that level. Just don’t take people with you in the fight as it becomes even tougher.

Once you have the recipe, it becomes pretty easy to make Ghost Yarn. All the resources required for the item are easily available in Dunley Farmland. You need Cotton Yarn and Ghost Shrooms to make the Ghost yarn in the Loom. The Ghost Shrooms is a widely available item in Cursed Forest and if you went to the Ancient Village, you already have a lot of it. Just destroy the Ghost Shrooms in the Ancient Village and you will even get the seeds of Ghost Shrooms. Cotton Yarn can be made from Cotton in the Loom. This is very easy to get resources.

That’s all we have in this guide. Check out the game category for more guides and tips on how to play V Rising.    

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