How to Get Garlands in Forspoken & Use

 How to Get Garlands in Forspoken & Use

Forespoken was the most-awaited game of this year, especially after the demo of the game came out. Though this game was only released on PlayStation 5 and PC, this game earned massive popularity among players within a day. However, like every other action-adventure game, Forspoken also has tons of things to collect in the massive world. The more you progress, the more items you’ll discover that have some specific use in the game, and Garlands are one of them. This guide will help you know where you can find Garlands in Forspoken and how to use it.

Garlands Location in Forspoken- How to Use Them?

Forspoken is the latest action role-playing game by Square Enix. The central story revolves around the protagonist Frey Holland who’s been taken to a magical land Athia. Her journey and exploration of this unknown world is not an easy task; players need to fight enemies, even powerful bosses, to progress through the game.

Like most action role-playing games, Forspoken also has a crafting system, and players need resources to craft and upgrade weapons and equipment. These resources are scattered throughout the world; some can be found easily, while others are challenging. Garlands are one of the most challenging things to find in Forspoken. This is one of the rarest resources players need to find to upgrade gear.

Before the locations, players first need to know that Forspoken has five types of Garlands in the game- Lucid Garlands, Fervid Garlands, Leaden Garlands, Lambent Garlands, and Welkin Garlands. These Garlands can be found by defeating challenging enemies like World and Dungeon Bosses. Mutants are marked on the map, and each mutant type drops at least one Garland. If you are lucky, you can get more than one from one.

Though this is the best way to get Garlands, players can also get Garlands by completing the Spellcraft Challenge. This challenge unlocks later in the game, and if you complete this challenge, players can unlock the ability to combine the same type of Breakshards to form Garlands.

That’s all you need to know about how to get garlands in Forspoken and once you have enough garlands, use them to upgrade gear so that Frey can face challenging enemies easily. You can use Crafting Benches to use these Garlands and upgrade gear. If you are not sure about the Crafting Benches’ locations, and their using process, check out our guide for detailed information- HOW TO FIND CRAFTING BENCHES IN FORSPOKEN.


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