How to Get Freezer Sac in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

Freezer Sac is one of the important materials in Monster Hunter Rise which can be obtained from completing different quests and looting the environment. It can also be obtained from the High-Rank variant of Barioth Monster and Goss Harag. You can take down these monsters as many times as you wish to farm Freezer Sac. The drop rate of Freezer Sac is 18% from Barioth and 10% from Goss Harag. Freezer Sac can be used primarily for crafting and upgrading ice-based weapons like Barioth Tree Long Sword which is also called the Bastizan Edge. This weapon has 160 attack and Elemental Ice 27. Let us quickly find out how to get Freezer Sac in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise).

How to Get Freezer Sac in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR)

As its name says, Freezer Sac will be found in Frozen Islands. Monsters that drop Freezer Sac are Barioth and Goss Harag.

Defeat Barioth

– Capture rewards (14% (x2))

– Carves (20% Body) 

To defeat Barioth, use Hammers and Hunting Horns as it is weaker to blunt damage. Also, Barioth’s ice elements are weak to fire, so you should use weapons with fire elements to make this an easy fight.

Also, remember that the Barioth is quick and it will leap around you in the fight so make sure that you keep moving so do not get its attack.

Defeat Goss Harag

– Carves (9% Body)

To defeat Goss Harag, the best strategy for the initial phase is not to go too close to this monster while attacking. You attack from its behind while maintaining a safe distance every after a strike as this monster can slice in you half if you get caught.

By defeating these two giant monsters, you will be able to get Freezer Sac in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). Also, learn How to Farm Elder Dragon Bone in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)?

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