How to Get Duel Crossbow in Minecraft Dungeons

How to Get Duel Crossbow in Minecraft Dungeons

Only hours away from the new DLC Jungle Awakens, we cannot stop talking about the game. It such a fun, fast-paced, and intense game. The environment is so invigorating, one cannot get enough of this game. Minecraft Dungeons is all about the weapon and the armor, the player is as strong as their gear and level. That brings us to the Duel Crossbow. An incredibly versatile ranged weapon that comes handy with all types of mobs. Enchanted with Enchantments, the weapon offers a range of magical powers, but can you get Duel crossbow. Hence, doubling the damage to mobs. This is what the guide is about, we will show you how to get the Duel Crossbow in Minecraft Dungeons.

What is Duel Crossbow in Minecraft Dungeons

As explained in the game, Duel Crossbow are the perfect choice for a warrior with quick reflexes in a fast-paced battle. The crossbow fires double projectiles and has a ranged damage of 480 × 2. You can upgrade the weapon with a range of Enchantments to deal greater damage. There are seven Enchantments that you can pair with the Crossbow.

  1. Chain Reaction – Has the chance to fire five arrows in all directions on impact.
  2. Power – Boosts the damage that the arrow deals with up to +33%.
  3. Poison Cloud – Can summon clouds of poison on the enemies to deal damage for 3 seconds.
  4. Ricochet – A small chance that the arrows will bounce off enemies and hit others around.
  5. Wild Rage – When an arrow hits the enemy, it drives a rage that makes the affected hostile towards everyone in the vicinity includes its allies.
  6. Multishot – Grants the chance to fire five arrows at once.
  7. Gravity – This effect pulls mobs in range towards the weapon’s impact point.

Where to Find the Duel Crossbow in Minecraft Dungeons

If you are playing the game on default difficulty you may not be able to find the Duel Crossbow like so many other weapons. You need to play on at least the second most difficult – Apocalypse VI. Duel Crossbow is listed as the gear drop in Lower Temple, so that’s where you can find the crossbow. To play at this level, your power must be at least 97 and the gear artifact power should be between 100-107. Since this is a random drop, you can find it off enemies you destroy. Just play normally through the level and you will find the Duel crossbow. That’s all in this guide, don’t forget to check our guide on the Jungle Awakens DLC.