How to Get Dreamshell Monster Hunter Rise | MHR – MH Rise

The Dreamshell is another one of those items you would have to gather in the game if you want to get better weapons and armor, particularly the Shell-Studded Armor. Getting this item in Monster Hunter Rise is a grind due to the low drop rate, but first things first, you have to know where to find Dreamshell in MHR to get it. Unlike other items you would have farmed in the game, the Dreamshell is present in just one location, which is why players are having difficulty locating it. Stick with use and we will show you how to get Dreamshell in MH Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise Dreamshell Location Guide

To get Dreamshell in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR), you will have to trade with the Argosy. But, before you start trading, you need to unlock the Argosy trade ship. The trade ship can be unlocked by progressing in the game to the 2 Star Village Quests. Once you have reached this level in the game, go to the Argosy dock near Buddy Scout centre and talk to Rondine.

Argosy MHR

To farm Dreamshell in Monster Hunter Rise, first hire a buddy, then go to the Argosy dock to talk to Rondine and set up trade frame with the buddy. Go to Order Item and then Trade Requests. Now, you can send your buddy out in various markets. When you buddy returns with items, the game will notify you. One of these items can be the Monster Hunter Rise Dreamshell. There is no other way in the game to get the Dreamshell.

The best market that is known to provide the Dreamshell is the Mushyroom Market, so assign your buddy to that market and with some luck you can get the item you want.   

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