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How to Get Deafening Whisper in Destiny 2

How to Get Deafening Whisper in Destiny 2

With the start of the Season of the Hunt, there are several weapons you can add to your arsenal in the fight against the Hive’s corruptive forces. One of them is the Deafening Whisper grenade launcher. A powerful weapon if you are a serious PvE player and sure you get you the clearing you desire. However, the weapon has eluded a lot of players. So, if you are wondering how to get the Deafening Whisper in Destiny 2: Beyond Light, this guide is for you. Keep scrolling and we will help you find the weapon.

How to Get Deafening Whisper in Destiny 2

The Deafening Whisper is the second weapon of its type in the Wave Frame archetype. It’s unique because instead of exploding at its target, the grenade launcher rounds sends out bursts of energy that clears large mobs of enemies and triggers perks. Getting the weapon is not that difficult, but the right perks makes the weapon truly a masterpiece in the PvE raids.

Some of the best perks to pair the Deafening Whisper with are Volatile Launch, Ambitious Assassin, High-Velocity Rounds, and Wellspring or Rampage. Once you get the grenade launcher, there are the perks you would want to have.

To get Deafening Whisper in Destiny 2: Beyond Light, you can particulate in Wrathborn Hunts or get it from Crow as a rank reward. For the hunt, you need to use the Lure that has the weapon listed as the reward. Use the specific lure to trigger the hunt and the weapon can be dropped by any of the bosses. In order to get the Deafening Whisper, kill the boss of the hunt you imitated with the Prey Lure or the Cryptolith Lure and you will get the grenade launcher.

Deafening Whisper is a great weapon and comes in handy during Deep Stone Crypt. We hope you know everything to obtain the weapon.      

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