How to Get Curlyhorn in Ooblets

How to Get Curlyhorn in Ooblets

Ooblets is an incredible game. it combines the best of Pokemon and Harvest Moon. Each day in the game brings a new quest and items. One of the items that are rare to find in the game is the Curlyhorn. This item is blue, glowing, and extremely rare. Users have spent weeks without any luck finding the rare item. In this guide, we will share how to get Curlyhorn in Ooblets fairly quickly.

You require Curlyhorn in quests. Some quests specifically requires the rare resource and without it you cannot complete the objective. Hence, if by luck you have found the item early on don’t sell it. Some users have sold the item and have struggled to find one after when they actually required it for a quest.

Stick around the post and we will share the best locations to find Curlyhorn.

How to Get Curlyhorn in Ooblets

You can find Curlyhorns in Ooblets on either side of the beach. They spawn randomly and the rare of spawn is quite less when compared to other items that spawn on the beach. However, if luck is in your favor and you make regular rounds of the beach, you can find the item. You can also find them through Sea Dangling.

How to Get Curlyhorn in Ooblets 2

Identifying the Curlyhorn is easy. As they are rare, they appear bright blue and hard to miss. You should listen for wind chimes as that’s the sound they make when you are close.

If the beach is too overcrowded with other items, the chances of the Curlyhorns spawning becomes less, so you should attempt to clear other items so the Curlyhorns can spawn.       

If you are not having luck at the beach, you can also find the Curlyhorn through Sea Dangling. The chance of catching one is 20%, so that’s a fairly good chance compared to scouring the beach. In order to cache them through fishing you will have to upgrade the scrapping machine twice and use the 3rd tier of bait.

One of the early uses of the Curlyhorn is to open the Frunbruns clubhouse.

That’s all we have in this guide, so not you know, you can get the Curlyhorn either on the beach or by Sea Dangling. In our experience, the more effective way to obtain the item is via fishing. But, of course, you should try your luck at the beach as well. Check our Ooblets category for more guides and tips on the game.

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