How to Get Confetti in Blox Fruits

 How to Get Confetti in Blox Fruits

The Roblox platform is well-known for delivering a diverse selection of games to the community, with the goal of giving the finest gaming experience possible. Blox Fruits is one such game that they have released in order to provide the role-playing gaming community and anime lovers with an experience of gaming mixed with a story and the thrill based on the One Piece anime series, from providing the players new quests to encountering NPCs, and some mind-blowing rewards depending on the missions. Players may customize their avatars, in-game titles, and much more. 

Players may require an explanation when completing some objectives or using specific game features, like accessing new currencies that have been launched in the game. These currencies will help the players purchase certain items in the game that specific currencies may only purchase. Henceforth these currencies should be unlocked, so the players don’t miss out on purchasing the items using these currencies. One such currency that needs to be unlocked in the game is Confetti. In this guide, we will discuss how to Confetti in Blox Fruits.

How to Unlock Confetti in Blox Fruits(Roblox)

Apart from sword fighting and levelling up their game, one thing that players might find interesting is grinding through the quests and unlocking new items. In order to unlock Confetti, players have to traverse through the map to earn the currency. Players will be able to buy several fruits and boosts by using these currencies. Confetti was added to the game in the Patch 17 update in celebration of the game hitting ten billion visits and one million subscribers. They were time-limited currencies that were made available for the players. To collect them, players had to interact with the NPCs wearing party hats. These currencies were available for only one week, and players could collect 100 confetti per hour. Players can collect them majorly through two main ways.

  1. The first way is to collect them by interacting with NPCs across the map, and the players will receive a random number of Confetti after every interaction, locations like Port, the Haunted Island, the Castle Island can be visited while interacting with the NPCs and you will keep earning Confettis.
  2. The Second method to collect the Confetti is by opening the treasure chests available in the exact locations as the NPCs.

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