How to Get Coal in Muck

Muck is one of the newest free multiplayer survival roguelike games which is developed by well-known young YouTuber, Dani. This game is pretty impressive in which players need to find out the items and build a base to survive throughout the game. Coal is one of the best and useful fuel resources that helps to cook food economically. Players who are new to Muck, have no idea how to get exactly coal in Muck. Since, it is a bit tricky to get, let’s learn how to get Coal in Muck.

 How to Get Coal in Muck

In order to get Coal in Muck, you need to mine black rocks which you will find throughout your world. In every single black rock, you will get approx. 4 to 6 coal pieces. Thus, it is quite easy to find out Coal. However, you will be required a Pickaxe for mining coal which is quite tricky and that’s what we are now going to learn in the following.

In the earlier update, you had to break rocks to get coal and it was taking a bit long time. This made it a scarce resource forcing players to frequently use wood for fuel. Despite this, it does not last long in a Cauldron or Furnace.

But now the scenario is different. Start by picking up a rock and break down 3 trees, and get a workbench. Now you will have a wooden axe and a workbench craft 5 bark. Chop down more and more trees until you acquire sufficient to craft a pickaxe. And that’s it! Now you can start mining and iron using a pickaxe to get coal.

That’s everything for this guide on how to get Coal in Muck.

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