How to Get Club Coins in Ooblets

How to Get Club Coins in Ooblets

As the game is still in the early phase, you won’t have much use for the Club Coins. For most players, they will encounter the club coin at random and they only come to use later in the game when you are tasked with building the various club houses for the clubs in the game. Once you have accomplished the task, you can enter the club houses and it’s here that you use the coins. But for curious players who want to know beforehand where to find the club coins, we have drafted this guide. We will show you how to get club coins in Ooblets.

How to Get Club Coins in Ooblets

To get the Club Coins in Ooblets you will have to do some searching as every day the coins respawn in a new area. You can search for them on the floors of the buildings in Badgetown. As there is no fixed location as to find them, it’s up to you to track them on the floors of buildings. But, don’t waste too much energy on it as you will likely come across it at random and you can only use it at a later stage. So, you have much time to find the Club Coins in the game.

List of Ooblets

You can identify the Club Coin when you come across one as they are coin shaped objects with sparkling light coming from them. They are pretty hard to miss. When you get close to one, you can interact with it. By pressing A on the keyboard or a left-click of the mouse button you can pick it up.

What is the Use of Club Coins in Ooblets

Club Coins in Ooblets is used to purchase a particular club’s exclusive items. Once you have set up the clubhouse for the various Clubs, you can enter these clubs. Inside you can purchase the items. At this point, it appears that the items do not provide any game advantage, instead, they are accessories for your Ooblets.

You can spend the club coins on those items or you can rack them up to 20 Coins of one club and purchase a valuable unique item that does provide some advantage in the game. It allows you to start a dance battle with that clubs mascot Ooblet with the need to meet the item requirement.

That’s all we have in this guide, we hope to share more insights on Ooblets as the game reveals itself. Check out our other guides for more tips and tricks on the game.         

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