How to Get Clothes in Sons of the Forest

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Sons of the Forest is currently available in its early access, but players have jumped into the game to explore everything the game feature. Like other survival games, this game also takes players to a challenging world where survival is the biggest challenge. However, players can collect numerous items throughout their journey, and clothes are one among them. If you are looking for clothes in Sons of the Forest, this guide will help you get them.

Sons of the Forest Cloth Locations- Where to Find Them?

Sons of the Forest takes players to an island that is covered with dense forest, and besides the Humanoids and Cannibals, no one lives in this forest. However, like other survival games, this game also has several items to collect from the beginning. From stones to sticks to weapons, food, and everything players need to collect from different locations. Clothes are one among these items that are required to be found.

Players can find different types of clothes in the game. From standard clothes to jackets, various types of clothes are available in the game, but clothes are pretty random and rare. You can’t get lots of clothes in the game unless you exploit the Duplication Glitch to get a few clothes.

Sons of the Forest Cloth Locations- Where to Find Them

Clothes are one of the primary crafting material players requires for many items and can be found only in caves and boxes. So, while exploring a cave, ensure you have searched the entire area and missed nothing. Also, search all the boxes you find to get some clothes. Clothes can be found in the camps as well. So, if you are well-prepared, you can try searching the campsite to get clothes.

Once you get clothes, you can craft Torches, Molotov, and Leaf & Hide Armor. These are pretty essential items required to survive in the game. The Molotov helps you fire up the enemy camps and is a great way to deal with multiple cannibals. Torch is another essential item while inside the caves especially. You can’t move in darkness, and torches are the source of light.

That’s all you need to know about getting clothes in Sons of the Forest.

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