How to Get Chain in Valheim

How To Get Chain in Valheim

Resources in Valheim are key to progressing further and they are all linked together. Today, we will have a look at the resource Chain. The Chain is used for various things in the game such as Black Metal Shield, Black Metal Tower Shield, Wolf Chestpiece, and as a resource to upgrade Forge. The weapons and armor are crucial as you encounter tougher foes in new biomes. But, if not for the weapons, you need to get Chain for upgrading the Forge. However, the resource is not easy to come by. Keep scrolling and we will show you how to get Chain in Valheim.

How to Get Chain in Valheim

To get Chain in Valheim, you have to kill the mobs that drop the resource or get it from chests in the Sunken Crypts. Wraiths are the mobs that are known to drop Chain when killed.

Chain Dropped by Wraiths

Wraths are ghostly creatures you can find the Swamp biome in old and abandoned houses. They aren’t that difficult to kill with the right weapons. You can find these creatures in the Swamps. They appear as hooded ghosts with only the upper part of the body. At the end of the body, there are Iron Chains hanging. You can easily kill these will arrows. They are slow and don’t have any ranged attacks. Once you kill a Wraith, they will drop the chain.

Chains in Sunken Crypts Chest

valheim sunken crypt

If you don’t know how to access the Sunken Crypt, you can refer the above linked guide. In a nutshell, you will require the Swamp Key, which is dropped after defeating the second boss. Once you are in the Crypt and have done through the hordes of mobs, you will find chests that have a lot of thigs from coins, chains, Withered Bones to Ancient barks.

Craft Weapons using Chains in Valheim

Once you have obtained the chains, you can use it to upgrade the Forge or craft weapons and armor. Here are the weapons you can craft.

WeaponsHow to Craft
Black Metal ShieldTo craft the Black Metal Shield you require 5 Chain, 2 Fine Wood, and 8 Black Metal Bars. You can craft it using a level 3 Forge.  
Black Metal Tower ShieldTo Craft the Black Metal Tower Shield, you require 7 Chain, 15 Quality Wood, and 10 Black Metal Bars. You can use the Forge to craft the shield.
Wolf ChestpieceYou require 1 Chain, 5 Wolf Pelt, and 20 Silver to craft the Wolf Armor Chest or Wolf Chestpiece.

That’s all we have in this guide, check out the game category for more informative guides and tips to play Valheim.

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