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How to Get Cash/Money Fast in Lost Judgment

How to Get CashMoney Fast in Lost Judgment

Like our real world, Money plays an important part in Lost Judgment as well. In this game, money can be used to buy food, drinks, healing items, and several other things. Even to progress the game, you will need money at a certain point in time. However, if you don’t know how to earn Cash/Money in Lost Judgment, you should check out the following guide.

How to Get Cash/Money Fast in Lost Judgment

There are several ways to farm Cash/Money quickly in Lost Judgment. Here we have collected all the methods.

1. Sell the Plates

Throughout the game, Yagami collects plates from cases and defeated enemies which are actually valuable. Since he has no time to throw a party, you can sell these plates and earn money quickly. These plates are made of a variety of materials such as gold, iron, and silver. 

At a time, you can only carry 10 plates so make sure to have sufficient space in your inventory and also make sure to collect Gold and Silver plats when they drop from enemies. Whenever you need the money, stop at Ebisu Pawn, sell them, and earn money.

2. Complete Side Missions

Between some massive attacks and solving cases, Yagami can spend some time investigating some extra cases which won’t take much time to solve, and in return, you will earn some extra cash/money. For this, you need to check the request board frequently at Yagami’s detective agency at Yokohama Section 99 or in Kamurocho. You can identify side missions with a blue-colored icon. 

3. Keep Checking Thugs with Heavy Pockets

There are several gangs you will encounter in the streets but when you notice a single purple arrow on the map, it means a more threatening gang is out. They are really tough to defeat and will take a lot of time to bring them down but they will earn you hefty cash when you defeat them. These types of gangs usually drop around 50,000 to 100,000 credits when you beat them and sometimes, they also offer a valuable plate.

4. Play Paradise VR

Another way to make cash/money quickly in Lost Judgment is to play paradise VR. Tashiro has already set up completely a new branch called Paradise VR. Its first visit is totally free but later trips will need passes to play. 

You can win these from mini-games marked around the map and when you have a sufficient amount, you can then exchange for another round. Paradise VR checks many skills of Yagami from combat to lockpicking, and each of them will give you a good amount of cash that can go more than 100,000 credits. So, make sure to stop by the VR obstacle course in Yokohama when you have a chance to do it.

That’s everything you need to know how to Get Cash/Money Fast in Lost Judgment.

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