How to Get Bronze Bat Soup in One Piece Odyssey

 How to Get Bronze Bat Soup in One Piece Odyssey

A turn-based role-playing game, One Piece Odyssey lets players control Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates outside of combat. Each of the playable characters has a distinct skill that corresponds to their power, which is used to navigate, collect goods, and solve puzzles. As soon as an adversary is engaged in combat, the game switches to a battle screen, where the characters can be controlled via menus. There are many zones in the fighting system, which is based on the “Scramble Area Conflict” concept.

The Bronze Bat Soup is a healing dish found in the game that can be used during combat to heal your teammates. Let’s see in this guide how to get the bronze bat soup in One Piece Odyssey.


How to Get Bronze Bat Soup in One Piece Odyssey?

Players can unlock the Bronze Bat Soup during the “Bring the Soup to the Chef” main story mission in Chapter 2: Nanohana Harbor. 

To get the Bronze Bat Soup in One Piece Odyssey follow the below steps, 

  • As you battle the Fire Colossus, you will meet Adio, a Mysterious Man. You will be assisted by Adio in combat. 
  • After the battle, Adio will ask you to follow him. 
  • Follow Adio until you reach his house. Initially, Adio will show you his home and invite you to stay.
  • Follow Adio into the home, which will trigger a cut scene. 
  • You will see several food products.
  • Once the cut scene has ended, a stairway will lead you uphill. Climb the stairs.
  • On the way up the stairs, you will find a chest that contains Bronze Bat Soup.

Bronze Bat Soup Benefits

Following are the benefits of the Bronze Bat Soup:

  • All your teammates will receive 1000 healing points from Bronze Bat Soup.
  • Additionally, Bronze Bat Soup increases DEF by 10 percent, which can be used three times.
  • Additionally, Bronze Bat Soup increases the GUTS by 10 percent, and can be used three times.

This concludes our guide on how to get the Bronze Bat Soup in One Piece Odyssey. Keep up with our other guides to stay updated on the game.

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