How to Get Bone Bow and Bone Arrow In Dinkum

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Dinkum has a lot of neat features in the game that makes the early release version of the game worth playing. With over 10 thousand players already hooked on the early release version on Steam, there is no doubt that this game will gain more and more popularity. The game has rainy days, and you might come across something, or rather someone special on your exploration of the map. This person will help you to make different powerful items in Dinkum. So, in this guide, we will take you through the process of how to get bone bow and bone arrow in Dinkum.

How to Craft Bone Bow and Bone Arrow In Dinkum

If you’ve collected a lot of bones in Dinkum, it’s a good idea to hold onto them. Selling to John might earn you a few Dinks, but there is a way better use for them, once you know what you do with them.

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You can make some powerful weapons with the help of bones in Dinkum. If you’ve wanted to use a bow and arrow in the game, this is your chance. You will be able to craft bone bow and bone arrow with the help of bones, but first, you need to find and speak to someone.

When it rains, there is a 20% chance of an NPC called Ted Selly spawning. You will hear the sound of a whistle, and by exploring a little at night, you might just get lucky and find him. He has quite a few recipes up his sleeve, which are randomly chosen. 

In order to make a bone bow, you will need to gather the following materials:

  • 1 Sling Shot
  • 20 Bone
  • 2 Iron Bar
  • 2 Copper Bar

And for your bow, you need arrows. You can make a bone arrow with the following items:

  • 2 Bone
  • 2 Mangrove Stick
  • 2 Feather

These items will create 4 arrows, but you’ll probably want to make more to be well-stocked.

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