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How to Get Bombs Early in Metroid Dread

How To Get Bombs Early in Metroid Dread

Bombs are very helpful handy weapons in Metroid Dread to break certain obstacles and walls. However, many players want to use Bombs before the battle with Kraid that unlocks an exciting easter egg. In order to get Bombs early, you have to do break the sequence as it is completely a different process, but, it is not too difficult to grab. Let’s find out How to get bombs early in Metroid Dread.

How to Get Bombs Early in Metroid Dread

In order to get the Bombs early, you first need to obtain the Grapple Beam. And getting both of these items before the fight with Kraid requires you to break the sequence. So, let’s find out what the process is to do it. BUT, be very careful as the process is a bit lengthy. Here is the complete process to obtain Grapple Beam and Bombs early in Metroid Dread.

How to Get Grapple Beam Early in Metroid Dread

First of all, as usual, acquire the Varia Suit. But, to get it, go to Dairon instead of Cataris. There you will find a lava room in Dairon which you need to break to get into it. Here, there will a door that leads to another room with a long lava pool.

At first, it seems very difficult but you need to jump up and go to the left, then jump up the wall into a morph ball passage that goes on the top of the room. At the end of that passage, you can dropdown. Now, you need to slide jump and take the ledge to the right. Once you’re clear up the gap, you can fall down and open up the charge beam door. 

There will be an elevator which will take you to Arteria. Once you reach Arteria, go to the right side through the door, the drop to the shaft’s bottom. There you will find a red missile door in the next room that takes you to the room and there you will find the Grapple Beam.

How to Get Bombs Early in Metroid Dread

Once you obtain Grapple Beam, now let’s learn how to get Bombs Early in Metroid Dread. You will now return to Dairon Network Room. From this spot, go to the left and then enter into the EMMI zone. Since this EMMI does not have the special abilities, you can beat it easily and quickly and then go to the upper left door and exit from there.

Once you come out from the exit, now you need to use the Grapple Beam and blast off the block. Next, go through the hole. In this location, Samus will need to reactivate the power. For this, use the top right door and get out from the passage. 

Next, you will see another door that has a water tank and a robot. Go on the top left of the door and get down to the chamber’s bottom, take right and jump up the platform and reach to the door.

Next, Samus will need to activate the power generator and step on a plate. Now, go back to that room that had a robot and water rank and take right and find a missile door. Open that door and there you will get the Bombs.

That’s everything you need to know about How to Get Bombs Early in Metroid Dread.

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