How to Get Bluesteel in Survival Game Roblox

 How to Get Bluesteel in Survival Game Roblox

Roblox The Survival game is a typical survival game where players need to collect food, craft items, build a safe house and even defend themselves from any danger. 

There are many types of material that can be found and used to craft armour and shelter. Bluesteel armour is one of the finest pieces of armor a player can make in Roblox The Survival game. 

One of the materials required in crafting items is Bluesteel. If you are finding it difficult to locate, you need to follow this guide step by step. 

How to Get Bluesteel in Survival Game Roblox?

It can be very difficult to find Bluesteel in Roblox the survival game. The bluesteel ore can only be found in one location and that is from Imperial Ship or more precisely its shipwrecks. 

The game will tell you that the ship is wrecked every 45 mins and where it is located. After getting the information about the shipwreck, players need to get to the location. 

But the biggest difficulty in getting the bluesteel is not the process of mining but other players who also want the ore. 

The notification about the shipwreck is for the whole server so every player will go to the shipwreck as soon as possible to get the bluesteel ore. 

If the location of the shipwreck is far from your location, it is very likely that when you reach the location of the shipwreck you won’t find any bluesteel ore. 

One of the ways to tackle this is to get to a less populated public server and try to collect the resources. You can not get the bluesteel ore in a private server because it doesn’t spawn in a private server. 

Points to remember are:

  1. Always ready for the notification of shipwreck
  2. Try to relocate to a less populated public server 
  3. Always go to the location even if you are late as there can be a chance some of the ore is left. 

That’s the way how a player can find Bluesteel ore in The survival game Roblox. All you need to do is follow those steps and you will get the Bluesteel ore. 

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Shubham Chaurasia

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