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How to Get Back 4 Blood Battle Hardened Skin

How to Get Back 4 Blood Battle Hardened Skin

Back 4 Blood is the latest released survival horror game by Turtle Rock Studios. Though this game is considered a spiritual successor of Left 4 Dead, it is more complicated and challenging to complete.

Players can get skins to customize their characters and weapons in Back 4 Blood. But it is not easy to get the Battle Hardened Skin. This article will tell you how to get the Battle Hardened Skins in Back 4 Blood.

How to Get Back 4 Blood Battle Hardened Skin

There are a few ways to get the skins. To get the skins, you need to earn the Supply Points.

  • You can earn Supply Points by complete the in-game missions known as Accomplishments. These accomplishments can get you Supply points.
  • You can also go for an easier way to earn the Supply Points, and that is playing the campaign missions but not the solo ones. The campaign missions can earn you Supply Points, but it varies according to the level of difficulty of the mission you choose to play. If you play a less difficult mission, you’ll get fewer supply points, but you’ll get more supply points if you play a difficult mission.
  • You can also purchase the Ultimate Edition that comes with the 4 Character Hardened Skin Pack.

But it is pretty hard to unlock the skins. For example, if you want to unlock The Murder in the Dark Skin for Evangelo, you must complete 250 campaign missions with that character; in the case of the Trail of Blood skin for Walker, you have to complete 250 campaign missions with Walker; and for the ZWAT skin, you need to complete all your missions in Nightmare Mode with a specific character.

Some skins are though easy to unlock. Once you get adequate supply points, you can unlock the supply lines by using those points. From those Supply Lines, you can get the Cards and Cosmetics, though many of the Supply Lines offer cards.

This is how you can get the battle-hardened skins for your character in Back 4 Blood. If you are confused about how to get the skins, you can take the help of the guide to know the methods of unlocking the skins.

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