How to Get Armor Spheres in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise is here, and more and more players are joining the hunt in Capcom’s new instalment. Whether you are an experienced hunter, or a complete novice to Monster Hunter, to face the most powerful creatures in the game, you will need some skill, a pinch of ingenuity, and, above all, good equipment that is up to your standards.

Armor Spheres are a type of object that we can obtain in Monster Hunter Rise to improve our armor. With them, we can increase the defence value of each piece of armor in the forge up to a maximum, which will be defined by our hunter rank and the rarity of the piece of the armor itself. This makes it very important to obtain armor spheres frequently, since the higher the defence value of armor, the more it will cost us to improve it.

Characteristics of Armor Spheres in Monster Hunter Rise

– This object can be used to upgrade armor to a higher level.

– They also increase your armor levels

– They are spent at the Blacksmith in the village

– It can be created from Optional Quests (Guide is in the following section)

Let us learn how to get Armor Spheres in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR).

How to get Armor Spheres in Monster Hunter Rise

So far in the game, we could find following ways to get Armor Spheres in Monster Hunter Rise.

1. First of all the best method is – Optional Quests. Every time, when you’re out on a hunt, always ensure to have 5 active Optional Quests. This is very important. Some of them may give you pain, still, they are worthwhile as they offer the only regular source of Armor Spheres we have got so far.

They are relatively easy and suitable since you can complete them alongside your main quests. Just only thing to note that the Optional Quests which you’re taking are easy and quick and have Armor Spheres as a reward.

2. You can also obtain Armor Spheres by clearing quests. However, the possibility of it appearing as a reward is not that high, so it is not recommended to go to look for Armor Spheres using this way.

3. Lastly, you can also get Armor Spheres from the Crafty Creatures type of Endemic Life. Conversely, these locations of Lizards are pretty random and obscure.

Thus, a pretty easy option to get Armor Spheres in MHR is by completing the Optional Quests.

That’s all for this guide and we will keep checking and update about the new methods to get Armor Spheres in Monster Hunter Rise. If you find any new ways, don’t forget to share with us by commenting down below.

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