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How to Get Arctic Haze in Destiny 2

How to Get Arctic Haze in Destiny 2

A member of the Europa Weapons arsenal, the Arctic Haze is a difficult weapon to unlock and has eluded players for some time. With fast reload, deep ammo reserves, suburb stability and handling, the Arctic Haze is in no way lesser to other weapons in the Europa Weapons list. Even though players know that the weapon can be found on Europa, they know nothing of the location or the process to obtaining it. As you play through Destiny 2: Beyond Light, the Arctic Haze might come your way, but the chances are rare. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we will show you how to get Arctic Haze in Destiny 2.

How to Get Arctic Haze in Destiny 2

To get Arctic Haze in Destiny 2: Beyond Light you will have to go to Variks and get the Sabotage quest called “Europan Explorer 1.” Once you unlock the quest, you can follow through it to get the legendary weapon besides other Europa weapons.   

Some users have also reported that you have to compete Europa Explorer 1 and 2 before Arctic Haze becomes a part of the drop pool.

On another thread, a user who found the weapon says what the game suggests that can weapon can be found anywhere on Europa any in activity with any enemy.

If you look around Europa for long enough, it’s likely you will find the weapon, but if luck is totally against you, there is also a chance the Arctic Haze might not spawn in the area you are looking. Arctic Haze is a legendary weapon and weapons of this category are rare drops.

The Arctic Haze has an attack of 1050 and fires 720 rounds per minute. It has some awesome stats with the bar high on stability, handling, and reload speed. In order to unlock the Arctic Haze in Destiny 2, you should start by unlocking Europa Explorer 1 and 2.

ZodiacDesigner119 on Reddit puts it nicely, “You need to complete Europa Explorer 1 and 2 before the Haze is added to the zones drop pool. Once you do this, then you can begin getting it as a drop from the High-Threat spawns on Europa. Small Tip for the Explorer 2 Quest, if it isn’t different for everyone, you’ll be required to defeat 50 yellow-bar enemies during an Empire hunt. Take the warrior hunt and just die before killing the final boss until you’ve finished, the fight spawns 6-8 yellow bars during it’s process. After you finish those two quests, there will be a 2nd viable quest tab from the Europa contact at the landing zone for the weapon specifically, which will cost you 30 Herealways pieces to obtain. Personally, in order to farm this gun specifically, i’ve been semi-afking in Cadmis Ridge and killing the High-Threat robots which spawn there during every snow storm (Takes about 5 minutes for them to show up in a rotating cycle). This will get you Herealways Pieces for the quest itself as well as getting you Haze drops organically (Among all of the other Europa weapons/armor).”

We hope that the above article has been helpful in unlocking the Arctic Haze Legendary Auto Rifle.  

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