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How to Get and Use the Couant Relic in Tower of Fantasy

Relics are important artifacts that you can find while journeying across Aida after completing Ruins and quests. Each Relic can give you different abilities which you can use while in battle and otherwise. Collecting all the Relics can help you use these abilities wherever you wish, but getting some of them won’t be easy. One of the Relics you can pick up along your journey is the Couant Relic. In this guide, we will see where to get it and how to use the Couant Relic in Tower of Fantasy.

How to Get and Use the Couant Relic in Tower of Fantasy

While most relics are gotten by completing Ruins and quests, the Couant Relic is quite different. But once you get your hands on this Relic, you can use it to help you in battle. Here we will see how to get and use the Couant Relic in Tower of Fantasy.

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While you cannot find the Couant Relic in any Ruins or quests, getting it is not too hard. All you have to do is explore the Banges region and collect Banges Exploration Points. To collect Exploration Points, you need to explore the region and uncover points of interest. Points of interest can range anywhere from Supply Pods, Scenery, completing Ruins, and unlocking Spacerifts. You can take a look at the map to take note of all the points of interest in that region. If you check on top of the map, you can see how many Exploration Points you have collected for that region. You need to discover these areas for the first time to collect more points. To get the Couant Relic, you need to collect 800 points specifically for the Banges region.

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Now that you have unlocked the Couant Relic, you can use its abilities to help you in battle. This Relic is ranked SR, and upon use, it will generate a shield for 5 seconds. It will take another 5 seconds to dispel it, or the shield will vanish once it gets hit. Once its shield is down, the Couant Relic will produce a shockwave that will knock back any enemies nearby and also deals 100% of ATK + 50. If the shield is broken within 1 second of creation, it will cause enemies to stun for 2 seconds. You can increase the duration of the shield the more you upgrade it. There is a cooldown limit for the Couant Relic’s ability, and it will take 30 seconds to regenerate.

That’s all there is to know about the Couant Relic, its use, and how to get into Tower of Fantasy. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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