How to Get and Use Farcaster in Monster Hunter Rise

The Farcaster is an incredibly useful item in Monster Hunter Rise. While this instalment of the Monster Hunter Series has fast travel, it has its limitations like you cannot transport during a fight with the monster. The Farcaster allows you to travel to the nearest camp even when you are in a fight, so, if the fight is too overwhelming, you can simply use the item and go back to the nearest campsite to refuel. But, before you use it you need to find it. Here is how to get Farcaster in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to Get Farcaster in Monster Hunter Rise

The main use of the Farcaster in Monster Hunter Rise is to escape fights that you cannot win and to gear up before returning. There are three ways to get the Farcaster in Monster Hunter Rise – as a reward for completing quests, crafting the item using crafting Menu, and specific locations on the field where the Farcaster can be found.

Craft Farcaster

The easiest way to get the Farcaster is to craft it. The ingredients required to craft it are Smokenut and Exciteshroom.

Quests that Reward Farcaster

At the time of writing this post, we do not have info on quests that reward the Farcaster, but when the game releases and we have more info we will update the post. If you know the location of the Smokenut and Exciteshroom or the quests that reward the Farcaster, let us know in the comments.

In Field Location of the Farcaster

We will also update this section of the post as to the location of the Farcaster in the field.

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