How to Get and Upgrade Nexus Slab in Deathloop

How to Get and Upgrade Aether Slab in Deathloop

Except for the Reprise self-revival mechanic, Deathloop offers several special abilities called Slabs that you can acquire from certain Visionary bosses. These Slabs are a very important part of this game as they can be a real game-changer. One of the most powerful Slabs in Deathloop is Nexus Slab. This Slab in Deathloop lets you connect the destinies of your enemies with each other so if you will eliminate any one of them, will eliminate all of them. So, it is very important to get this Slab. Let’s learn how to Get and Upgrade Nexus Slab in Deathloop.

How to Get and Upgrade Nexus Slab in Deathloop

The best part about Nexus Slab is that you can clear the entire room of enemies in a single shot as all the enemies will be linked to each other. So, you just need to kill any one of them, and all others will be killed automatically. You will get Nexus Slab in Harriet Morse at Karl’s Bay in Morning. 

About the Upgrades of Nexus Slab

In Deathloop, you can kill visionary boss Harriet multiple times and get upgrades. Following are the details of each upgrade of Nexus Slab.

Upgrade 1 – Attraction: Nexus missiles home in on foes until they become unstable

Upgrade 2 – Influence: Those enemies who are affected by Nexus impulsively, make connections to others close by

Upgrade 3 – Parasite: When any of the enemies are damaged, your health will be regained

Upgrade 4 – Protection: Nexus depletes your power at a slower rate  

That’s all for this guide on How to Get an Upgrade Nexus Slab in Deathloop.

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