How to Get and Upgrade Aether Slab in Deathloop

How to Get and Upgrade Aether Slab in Deathloop

In Deathloop, there are several different types of Slabs that give you mysterious powers such as teleportation or invisibility. One of the influential Slabs is Aether Slab that lets you become invisible temporarily to laser mines and enemies. That helps you to avoid fights or find some better positions to attack without warning your enemy. Let’s quickly learn how to get and upgrade Aether Slab in Deathloop.

How to Get and Upgrade Aether Slab in Deathloop

In order to get Aether Slab, you need to visit Egor Serling at The Complex during the evening.

About Aether Upgrades:

Slab upgrades work in the same way as you have obtained the core slab – That means, if you have Aether from Egor, you’ll need to kill him every time to upgrade. There are several upgrades are available for every slap so the Visionary drop upgrading will be random. So, you will need to kill him multiple times to get that upgrade that you enjoy truly.

Upgrade 1: Enemies won’t leave any trace when they’re killed

Upgrade 2: Hitting an enemy no longer deactivates Aether

Upgrade 3: When you stand still, your Aether doesn’t use power

Upgrade 4: If you receive damage, it won’t deactivate your Aether.

Thus, Aether Slab and its upgrades are very powerful and useful especially in the battle and this Slab also prevents turrets and cameras from seeing you, but one important thing to remember is that in case of the loud noises or any wrong move will break that illusion and you will be exposed again.

That’s how you can Get and Upgrade Aether Slab in Deathloop. Don’t miss to check out our website for more guides on the latest online games.

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