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How to Get Alyx Fall Guys Skin

Alyx Fall Guys Skin

Want to get the get Half-Life Alyx skin in Fall Guys. Here is how you can obtain it.

Ever since the release of Fall Guys, it’s known for crossovers and the recent addition is the popular game released a few months back Half-life Alyx. The Alyx Fall Guys Skin will be available in the store for the next couple of days. Getting the skin is fairly simple. So, stick around and we will share how to get the Alyx Fall Guys skin.

How to Get Alyx Fall Guys Skin

So far, the game has included a bunch of skins based on game titles from other franchises and fans love the crossover. Games like Portal, Team Fortress 2, Half-Life, and Enter the Gungeon have already had a skin referring to the game. The first crossover skin to be introduced was the Alyx back in August and once again players have a limited window to get the skin if they missed it the first time around.

The skin is based on playable character named Alyx in the Half-Life game series. However, the skin was only available for a limited time and not a lot of players got the chance to obtain it. So, the developers have brought the skin back once again for those enthusiastic Half-life fans to have another chance at getting the skin.

The Half-Life Alyx skin has been unlocked in the Fall Guys store starting September 18. In order to get the Alyx skin in Fall Guys, you need to have 10 crowns saved up. Launch the game and go to the store. With 10 crowns, you can get the entire costume. It costs 5 crowns for the upper half of the costume and 5 for the lower.


Crowns are not easy to come by in Fall Guys, you need to be a consistent player to amass 10 crowns. Nevertheless, not an unachievable feat and countless players own a lot more than 10 Crowns. With each match you earn, you are rewarded a crown, so you need to win 10 games to have the required amount of crowns. You could level us the battel pass and that gives you 3 crowns, but these are the only ways to obtain crowns in the game.

How Long is Alyx Skin Available in the Store?

The Alyx skin is only available in the store for 2 days, so if you haven’t got the Crowns for it, you need to hurry and play the game more until you secure 10 crowns and can get the skin. However, if you miss out on the window, surely, the developers will again unlock the skin in the future and you can obtain it then.

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