How to Get All Cape in Valheim

You have watched the trailer of the game and you saw the protagonist with the Red Cape that makes the character appear somewhat like Thor and you want one for yourself in the game. Does that sound like something you were thinking? Unfortunately, the game does not have a Red Cape, but there are quite a number of others like the Deer Hide Cape, Troll Hide Cape, Wolf Fur Cape, and Lox Cape. Keep scrolling through the guide and we will show you how to get all capes in Valheim.

Valheim – How to Get Deer Hide Cape, Troll Hide Cape, Wolf Fur Cape, Linen Cape, and Lox Cape

To make any cape in the game, you first have to kill the animal, take its hide, which is one of the resources required to make the cape. For example, the Deer Hide Cape requires the Deer Hide which is dropped from Deer upon death. So, here is how to craft the different capes in Valheim.

Red Cape - Valheim

How to Get Deer Hide Cape in Valheim

All capes are part of a set like the Deer Hide Cape is part of the Leather Armor set. Each set of armor has its own unique strength that comes to effect when all items in the set are equipped. To unlock the recipe to make Deer Hide Cape in Valheim, you will have to acquire Deer Hide and Bone Fragments. You can obtain the deer hide by killing Deer in the Meadows biome. For the Bone Fragments are drops from Skeleton and Rancid Remains you find in the Black Forest and Burial Chambers.

You need to upgrade the Workbench to level 2 to craft Deer Hide Cape and the resources required are 4 Deer Hide and 5 Bone Fragments. You can upgrade the cape using the Workbench. Each upgrade to the Workbench allows you to upgrade the cape. So, a level 2 workbench can upgrade cape to level 2, and workbench level 4 can upgrade the armor to level 3 and so on until the cape is upgraded to max level 4. Deer Hide Cape has a weight of 4.0, and durability of 400.

How to Get the Cape of Odin in Valheim

After watching the game’s trailer, you would want to get your hands on the Cape of Odin, but currently, the cape is not incorporated in the game. But, if you desperately want it and don’t mind use cheats, you can unlock the cape in the game.

To get the Cape of Odin in Valheim, open the command console via F5 and type imacheater. Now, enter the cheat spawn CapeOdin to get the cape in the game.

How to Get Troll Hide Cape in Valheim

The Troll Hide Cape is one of the best in the game in terms of looks and strength. It is part of the Troll Hide Armor Set. To craft the Troll Hide Cape in Valheim, you need 10 Troll Hide and 10 Bone Fragments. You can get the Troll Hide from either killing Trolls, which can be tough or from chests you find in the Black Forest.

You can craft the cape using the Workbench. It weighs 4.0 and has durability of 500. As you upgrade the armor, with each upgrade you gain 50 durability and armor by 1. Currently, you can upgrade the cape to level 3, but we can expect more to be added in the future.    

How to Get Wolf Fur Cape in Valheim

Among all the armor, the Wolf Fur Cape looks the most like something worn by a Viking. Its greyish white like the actual fur of the wolf and is part of the Wolf Armor set that can protect you from the cold of the Mountain biome. It’s suggested that you not venture into the mountain without the Wolf Armor set or the cold will get you if not the creatures.

To craft the Wolf Fur Cape, you require the Workbench and resources such as 6 Wolf Pelt, 4 Silver, and 1 Wolf Trophy.

You can get the Wolf Pelt from killing wolves in the Mountain biome. The Silver can be found in the same biome, which can be discovered using the Wishbone found as a drop after defeating Bonemass. Wolf Trophy is also obtained by killing wolfs. Each wolf will get you one trophy.

So, with the resources, you can craft the Wolf Fur Cape.  

How to Get Linen cape in Valheim

To unlock the recipe to craft Linen Cape in Valheim, you have to acquire Linen Thread and Silver in the game. Once you have unlocked the craft, you can make it using the Forge. To make Linen Cape, you require 20 Linen Thread and 1 Silver. You also require the Workbench to be placed near to make the cape.

How to Get Lox Cape in Valheim

Finally, to craft the Lox Cape in Valheim, you require the Workbench, 6 Lox Pelt and 2 Silver. Besides the Wolf Cape, the Lox Cape can also come handy in the Mountain biome as it can also protect you against the cold, but we have not tried it yet, so you need to find out for yourself.

So, that all we have in this guide, check out the game category for more informative guides and tips to play Valheim.

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