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The action is very intense and armies are very powerful in this new Monster Hunter Rise series. But nothing works as if we did not have good armor. Eventually, we will create new armor from the materials we get from the bits, such as Acute Fangs and Piercing Claws. Monster Hunter Rise introduces ‘High Rank’ which means a completely new set of materials to store to make new and powerful armors and weapons. There is a long list of materials to talk about. But, here we are going to learn about Acute Fang. This material only comes from certain quest rewards or by carving monsters. However, this is comparatively easy to get.

If you have no idea how to get Acute Fang, check out the following guide.

How to get Acute Fang in Monster Hunter Rise | MHR| MH Rise

The best and easy method to get an Acute fang or two or size is by slaying the smaller sized monsters in the Shrine Ruins, specifically Bullfango, Wroggi, and Jaggi.

Wroggi and Bullfango can be created in Shrine Ruins Region 9 and on the other hand, Jaggi can be created around depending on which monster is active.

If you want this material and do not want to hunt for it actively now, then find out the following monsters on your missions to slay in hope of getting an Acute Fang from your creation:

 – Baggi

– Gajau

– Wroggi

– Bullfango

– Delex

– Zamite

– Jaggi

– Jaggia

Although all the small monsters listed above will allow you to carve an Acute Fang, the Jaggia and Jaggi are you best for farming. The reason is that Jaggia and Jaggi spawn in large packs and they are always clumped together in one group. And so, you no need to wait for them to respawn. It is important to mention that, if you’ll slay a Jaggia, it will give you 2 chances at carving its carcass that gives more opportunities of getting an Acute Fang.

But remember: ‘Acute Fang’ is a High-Rank material and it can be used to create High-Rank tools, you can only get it in High-Rank hunts.

That’s all for this guide on how to get Acute Fang in Monster Hunter Rise | MH Rise | MHR.

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