How to Fix Xbox Series X Error Code PBR30160

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

Xbox Series X offers one of the most impressive specs that offer higher resolution and excellent graphics. Also, it features a ready-made library that benefits from the quicker game loading time. Although Series X has a remarkably smooth launch, still it has some issues. One of the most recent issues faced by many players is Error Code PBR30160 and a message appears that saying – “Sorry about that. Give it a try in a while”. Typically, this error occurs when a player attempts to buy something through the Xbox console. However, if you want to get rid of this problem, let’s learn how we can fix Xbox Series X Error Code PBR30160.

Fix Xbox Series X Error Code PBR30160

As we have just mentioned, this error comes up mainly when you try to purchase an app or game through your console, it means that this issue is related to the server. So, let’s learn what to do when you get an Error Code PBR30160 on your Xbox Series X.

Fix 1: Make sure the Xbox service is running

Sometimes, this error occurs due to Xbox services are down that prevents players from purchasing any item. So, when you get this error code, make sure to check the current status of the Xbox server. For this: Open up your web browser and then go to the home page of Xbox server status. If you find any official announcement about the service outage, then the only best thing you can do is to wait. Once the services resume, you will not get the error code PBR30160 while purchasing an app or game. Also, make sure to check the ETA of the resolve time on the website if is there any.

Fix 2: Try making your purchase again

Another solution is to wait for some time and try making your purchase again. Since this error comes up due to a minor software glitch, it will be fixed automatically. Wait for few minutes before trying again and you won’t see Xbox Series X Error Code PBR30160.

So far, these are the only solutions to fix Xbox Series X Error Code PBR30160.

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