How to Fix Warzone 2 Bonus Challenge Not Working Issue

 How to Fix Warzone 2 Bonus Challenge Not Working Issue

When we talk about the best first-person shooter games, Call of Duty games come at the top of the list. Warzone and Modern Warfare are some of the popular titles among gamers. However, Warzone 2.0 has been experiencing tons of problems since release such as error code DIVER, RPK overpowered, or several Dev errors. Adding to these issues, many players are now reporting that their Bonus Challenge is not working in Warzone 2. 

Due to this issue, players are unable to gain the perks and XPs even after completing the Bonus Challenge. If you are encountering the same issue, you can fix it with some quick workarounds. Let’s learn how to fix the Warzone 2 Bonus Challenge not working issue.

Fix Warzone 2 Bonus Challenge Not Working Issue

If you have just started playing Warzone 2, like many other players, you too have faced a “Bonus Challenge” not working issue. But worry not as here we have provided several potential workarounds to fix this issue.

1. We have gone through several forums and found that most of the players are experiencing a Bonus Challenge not working bug in a particular challenge where they need to kill 5x Operators with a Battle Rifle. Due to this bug, when players kill using Battle Rifles doesn’t count but when they use Lachmann 762, it does count. So, the first solution we recommend is killing foes using Lachman 762 and you should not experience the bug.

2. If the issue still persists, try restarting the game. Some gamers have resolved the issue simply by quitting and restarting the game so give it a try. 

3. In addition, you can also try launching the game as an administrator as it can resolve certain bugs and issues in this battle royal game.

4. If that doesn’t work too, the only thing you can try is to contact the support team of Warzone 2.0.

Unfortunately, the developers are yet to acknowledge this issue and so we have not come across any official fix. But you can try the above workarounds until the developers release a hotfix in the upcoming updates.

That’s everything we have to fix Warzone 2 Bonus Challenge not working issue.Read more: How to fix Modern Warfare 2 disconnected from Steam error.

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