How to Fix Twitch Error While Loading Followed Channels

 How to Fix Twitch Error While Loading Followed Channels

Twitch is a very popular interactive streaming platform owned by Amazon. It is pretty easy to use and the perfect platform for players to stream their content. Unfortunately, like other gaming platforms, Twitch also has a few bugs, errors, and glitches such as error code 77b8c8a0 Xbox, PS4 & PS5 or we encountered an unexpected error, among others. In addition to these issues, recently many users are experiencing an error that reads – Twitch Error While Loading Followed Channels” or “Twitch Error Loading Data”. Due to this error, users are unable to load their following channels list. If you are running into the same issue, here is how you can fix it with some simple and quick workarounds.

Fixing Twitch Error While Loading Followed Channels

Before you start the following potential solutions, it is important to know the main reasons behind the error Twitch Error While Loading Followed Channels” or “Twitch Error Loading Data”. If the Twitch servers are down, you might encounter this error. However, it can also occur due to some browser-specific issues or in the Twitch app itself. Because of such issues, Twitch is unable to communicate with Twitch servers and so you are unable to log into your accounts and end up with these errors.

1. The very first thing you need to do is to make sure Twitch servers are not down and running fine. Click here to know the current server status. In case, the servers are facing an outage due to any reason, you might not be able to watch channels and the error will get eliminated automatically once their services are back online.

2. The next solution we recommend is to make sure your internet connection is stable and has no issues. A poor or unstable connection can also cause a Twitch Error While Loading Followed Channels” or “Twitch Error Loading Data” error.

3. Clearing the browser cache should be your next move. Some technical glitches may appear in the browser cache and so clearing them could fix this issue. Make sure to restart your browser before launching Twitch.

4. If the error still persists, try switching to a different browser. That could be a browser-specific problem and using a different one should fix the issue.

5. At times, your Internet Service Provider slows down the speed of the connection to reduce bandwidth congestion and in that case, using a reliable VPN service could help to resolve the error on Twitch. 

6. As a last resort, try disabling unnecessary browser extensions such as AdBlock, BBTV, Truffle.TV. These are some of the browser extensions that can trouble Twitch. If you have any of these extensions on your browser, they might cause a Twitch error while loading the following channels. Simply disable them and check – The error should be fixed now. For this:

– Go to the Extensions page of your browser

– Check for any suspicious extensions

– Turning off the toggle button connected with the extensions

– Relaunch the browser and then check if the issue is resolved

7. Sometimes, you might experience Twitch stream lagging or buffering issues due to some issues in your browser. So, try using a different browser and check if the issue is resolved or not.

That’s everything we have covered to fix Twitch errors while loading the following channels.

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