How to Fix Twitch Error Code 77b8c8a0 Xbox, PS4 & PS5

 How to Fix Twitch Error Code 77b8c8a0 Xbox, PS4 & PS5

Twitch is a very popular streaming platform for gamers and other lifestyle casters. However, like any other gaming platform, Twitch also has a few bugs and issues such as Twitch internal server error (500) or we encountered an unexpected error and a few others. In addition to these issues, many players are now reporting that they are running into an error code 77b8c8a0 on their Xbox, PS4, or PS5. 

Players are reporting that they experience endless error loops upon keeping trying to log into the app which is an annoying issue. If you are in the same situation and want to get rid of the error 77b8c8a0 on Twitch, try a few workarounds suggested in this guide.

Fixing Twitch Error Code 77b8c8a0 on Xbox, PS4 & PS5

Error code 77b8c8a0 appears on PlayStation and Xbox when the Twitch App is down and it prevents you from logging in on your gaming platform.

1. The first method we recommend to resolve the Twitch error code on your 77b8c8a0 on Xbox, PS4 & PS5 is to make sure your console is well connected with your internet connection. In addition, make sure your internet connection is up and stable. You can also try switching it to a Wired connection instead of WiFi because a wired connection is more stable and reliable. After making sure these points are, if the error still persists, try the next solution.

2. The next method is to try power cycling your PS or Xbox console and delete its cache. To do that:

– Turn OFF your console completely. Do not keep it in standby or rest mode.

– Once it is turned OFF, disconnect its power cable

– Wait for about 1 to 2 minutes

– Reconnect its power cable to the unit and switch ON your console

Now, the cache data has been erased and now the error also should be resolved.

3. If the error still persists, your last option is to reinstall the Twitch app. Uninstall the Twitch app from your gaming device completely and then reinstall it.

That’s everything you can try to fix Twitch error code 77b8c8a0 on Xbox, PS4 & PS5.

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