How to Fix Steam Purchase Process Stuck on Working Issue

 How to Fix Steam Purchase Process Stuck on Working Issue

Undeniably, Steam is the ultimate destination for playing, creating, and discussing games. This gaming platform allows players to purchase and download different types of online games. In addition, Steam allows gamers to save their games online. Also, it has several great features including in-game voice and chat. But unfortunately, many users are experiencing the purchase process stuck on a working issue.

According to reports, players are taking precautions while making payments on Steam but still they are stuck on the purchase working issue and they have no idea why it happens. If you are in the same situation, here is how you can fix it with some simple and quick workarounds.

Fix Steam Purchase Process Stuck on Working Issue

The purchase process stuck on working in the Steam issue can sometimes lead to scenarios where your payment can be debited from your account twice. Therefore, in this guide, we are going to discuss some potential solutions to get rid of this issue.

1. One of the first methods we recommend to fix the purchase process stuck on working in Steam is to make sure the Steam server is up and running fine. You can check the current server status on DownDetector. If the server is down, then wait until their services are back on track and the error will be fixed automatically.

2. This method has worked for many users so it might work for you too. When you experience a purchase process stuck on a working issue, then simply cancel all pending transactions. If Steam has any pending transactions, it can create multiple issues and errors. So, to cancel all pending transactions, go through the following steps:

– Launch the Steam client and click on “Account Details:

– Next, click on “View Purchase History”

– Select any games that have a “Pending” tag and then hit on “Cancel this transaction”

– Now, relaunch Steam and then try purchasing your game and the error should be eliminated

3. Sometimes, it can happen that the issue is not in your system. In case your payment method has any problem, you might be stuck on the payment processing working issue on Steam. So, try using any other payment method is the next best solution you can try to fix this issue.

4. If the above solutions did not help, try disabling the proxy and VPN application installed on your system. At times, such applications prevent Steam from running properly so disabling proxy and VPN apps will help you to resolve the Steam purchase process stuck working issue.

That’s all you can try fixing the Steam purchase process stuck on a working issue.

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