How to Fix Sims 4 Mods Not Working After Update

 How to Fix Sims 4 Mods Not Working After Update

Sims 4 is one of the most popular social simulation games. One of the reasons why players love to play this game is because they can use mods in this game so that they can diversify the game as they want and make some necessary changes that EA has not yet launched in the game. But unfortunately, many players are currently reporting that they experience broken mods in Sims 4 or that mods are not working. According to several reports, this issue started occurring right after the recent update.

If you encounter some strange things while playing the game such as walking up walls or any sign of a broken mod issue, that means your mods are corrupted and you need to fix them at the earliest. This guide will help you to fix the Sims 4 mods not working issue after the latest update.

Fixing Sims 4 Mods Not Working After Update

There could be multiple reasons why mods are not working in Sims 4 after updating the game such as mods have been disabled by the game update, cache files of the game might be corrupted, or there could be some compatibility issues.

1. Make Sure Mods are Enabled in Sims 4

In case your mods are not enabled in Sims 4, obviously, it won’t work. So, first of all, make sure you have enabled them. To do that:

– Select Game Options to open the window

– Next, select Other to open the options shown directly below

– Select the Enable Custom Content and Mods option. Then select the Script Mods Allowed checkbox

– Lastly, click on the “Apply Changes” button and check if you are able to use Mods

2. Delete the Cache

Deleting cache files is also one of the best methods to resolve the issue. However, make sure to move the mods folder to some other different location. Once done, delete the game cache files as well as the localthumbcache.package file. You will find these files in your Documents folder. After deleting, run the game and the mods should start working fine.

3. Updated the Mods

When the game updates, mods also get a new update. If you are using outdated mods, it won’t work and so make sure to update the mods to the latest version.

That’s it for this guide – Hopefully one of these methods will help you to fix Sims 4 mods not working after the update issue.

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