How to Fix Roblox Verification Not Working Problem

 How to Fix Roblox Verification Not Working Problem

Roblox is one of the incredible video game platforms but despite its enormous popularity, it has several bugs and issues. On our website, we have already covered various topics such as lag and performance issues, error codes 403, and 264, and many others. Most of such issues are yet to resolve and now many players are reporting that they are experiencing an issue where verification is not working in Roblox. Well, it is one of the common issues and can be fixed with some quick and simple workarounds. 

Fixing Roblox Verification Not Working Problem

Before you start the following troubleshooting steps, try using the captcha verification by sound if possible. In addition, you can also try passing the captcha verification from the incognito tab. If you have already tried these alternative solutions and the issue persists, go through the below guide to fix the issue.

1. One of the reasons why you are experiencing a verification not working problem in Roblox is the corrupted cache files and so our first solution is to delete the Roblox site’s data and cookies. For that:

– Go to Google Chrome >> Click on 3 dots on the top-right and go to Settings

– Next, go to Privacy and security and click on Cookies and other side data

– Scroll down and click on “See all site data and permissions”

– Type in “Roblox” in the search box and then delete everything related to Roblox

– Once deleted, launch the Roblox and the verification not working issue should be resolved

2. If the above solution doesn’t work, try resetting your DNS and IP address which will help to refresh CMD codes in your internet. To do this:

– Go to the Search section and type “Command Prompt” and click on it

– Then click on “Run as administrator”

– In the newly opened window, type in all the following commands one by one and then press Enter

ipconfig /flushdns 

netsh winsock reset 

netsh int ip reset

– Once done, restart your computer and check if the issue is fixed or not

3. Changing the DNS address should be your next move to fix the Roblox verification not working issue.

– Go to the Control Panel on your computer

– Then go to Network and Internet >> Network and Sharing Center

– Click on internet network in Connections >> Properties >> Double-click on Internet Protocol Version 4 

– Next, Click on Use the following DNS server address and write in in a Preferred DNS server and write in in an Alternate DNS server. 

– Once done, click on “Ok” close the Windows and launch the Roblox

That’s everything we have covered to fix the Roblox verification not working issue.

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