How to Fix Roblox an Unexpected Error Occurred – Roblox Crash Issue Fix

 How to Fix Roblox an Unexpected Error Occurred – Roblox Crash Issue Fix

Roblox is one of the massively popular online gaming platforms and game creation platforms developed by Roblox Corporation. On this game platform, players can play different types of games created by other players. Currently, Roblox has a very huge catalog of different games. It allows players to design their own adventure games, exploration, action, platforms, and much more.

However, currently, several Roblox users are experiencing an “unexpected error occurred”. Usually, this particular error appears when players attempt to load up the game. Well, if you are also one of the victims and want to get rid of it, let’s find out how to fix Roblox if an unexpected error occurred.

Fix Roblox an Unexpected Error Occurred – Roblox Crash Issue Fix

Mostly, Roblox crash with an unexpected error happened is caused by one of the following reasons:

– The file folder of Roblox is corrupted or bugged by a virus

– It is blocked by internet security or antivirus software

– Your system doesn’t meet the minimum system requirement

In this guide, we will try to fix this error with some simple and quick workarounds.

1. First and very importantly, make sure your system is powerful enough to play the huge games on Roblox. In case your system doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements, then you won’t be able to run the game properly and face the issues and errors including “Unexpected error occurred”.

2. In the next method, we will try clearing the cache data of Roblox. To do so:

– Press Win + R keys on your keyboard to open up the Run dialogue box.

– Write %localappdata% and then press “Ok”

– Find and open up the “Temp” folder

– In the Temp folder, you need to find out Roblox folder and remove that

– Once done, try playing the game on Roblox and you are good to go

3. In this method, you need to delete everything related to Roblox.

– Go to Settings on your computer

– Go to “Privacy and Security” on your left panel

– Then go to “Cookies and other site data”

– Scroll down and click on “See all site data and permissions”

– In the “Search” box, type Roblox, and there you need to delete everything which is related to Roblox

– Once done, log in to your account again and you will not see any error

4. If the above solutions didn’t work, try disabling full-screen optimization. 

– Right-click on the Roblox player from your desktop and click on Properties 

– Click on “Compatibility”

– Here you need to check the 2 boxes where says – “Disable full-screen optimization” & “Run this program as an administrator”

– Then click on “Apply” and click on “Ok”

5. If nothing worked, your last resort is to uninstall Roblox from your system and then reinstall it. This last method has worked for some players so hopefully, it might work for you too.

That’s all you can try fixing Roblox an unexpected error occurred.

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