How To Fix PS4 and PS5 Error Code WS-116520-5

 How To Fix PS4 and PS5 Error Code WS-116520-5

If you own a PlayStation 4 or 5 console, you know the variety of error codes that can pop up every now and then such as CE-108255-1, and WV-109156-2, among others. Recently, many users are running into an error code Ws-116520-5. This is a pretty annoying bug as players are unable to enjoy their holidays due to such errors. Many players are attempting to download the game but they are experiencing PSN server-related issues and resulting error code WS-116520-5 on their PS4 or PS5 consoles. If you are running into the same problem and want to get out of it as quickly as possible, this guide will help you as we have provided several troubleshooting steps to fix error code WS-116520-5 in PS4 and PS5.

Fixing PS4 and PS5 Error Code WS-116520-5

There could be several reasons for error WS-116520-5 including busy or overloaded servers, poor internet connection, some issues in the system, or it could be a fatal bug. Whatever the reason, in this guide, we have covered all potential solutions to fix PS4 and PS5 error code WS-116520-5.

1. One of the Reddit users suggested keeping the console turned ON. Open up the PS app on your smartphone, then add up games to your library and then download them to the console. This will help to resolve the error code WS-116520-5.

2. Make sure your internet connection is fast and stable to download the games on your PS console. You can also try turning your modem/router off for about 2 minutes and then turning it ON again. Then restart your console and check if you could download the game.

3. An outdated system version can also create some errors including WS-116520-5. So, make sure your console is updated to the latest version. If not, update it and check if that makes any difference.

4. Try downloading the games during non-peak hours when the crowd on the servers is reduced.

5. Restoring licenses is also one of the best methods to resolve the matter. For this:

– Go to Settings >> Users and Accounts >> Other and select “Restore Licenses”. This method has worked for some players so it might work for you too.

6. You could potentially resolve this issue by performing a soft reset. For this, simply shut off your console, unplug it for about 3 to 5 minutes, and then turn it back ON.

7. If nothing works, we recommend playing on a PlayStation Plus subscription and playing games through stream until the issue is resolved.

8. Your last option is to visit PlayStation’s official website and explain the whole matter on their Support Page and they will assist you further. Typically, they reply within 24 hours of time.

Hopefully, one of these suggestions will help you to resolve error code WS-116520-5 in PS4 and PS5.

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