How to Fix PlayStation 5 Error Code CE-118877-2

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

PlayStation 5 also known as PS5 is an extremely popular video game console by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Although this device is a next-gen console and offers a solid-state drive for fast load times, 4K resolution graphics, and 3D audio, still it is not immune to several bugs and technical glitches.

One of the common errors in PlayStation 5 is the error code CE-118877-2. Usually, users are running into this error while installing or updating any game. There are multiple reasons why the error code CE-118877-2 is triggering in PlayStation 5 and here we will show you some of the common reasons why you might be experiencing this error. We will also check how you can fix it with some quick and generic methods.

Fixing PlayStation 5 Error Code CE-118877-2

You are encountering error code CE-118877-2 in your PlayStation 5 because of the following reasons:

– Improper installation of game or app

– Due to bugs

– Corrupted database

– Outdated system software

– Storage-related issues

After knowing all of these reasons behind PS5 error code CE-118877-2, now you may proceed to the following all potential methods one-by-one to resolve this problem.

1. Restart the PS5

The very first solution we recommend is to simply restart your console to fix any temporary issues. To do this:

– Disconnect the power cable from your console and turn it off

– Wait for about one minute and then reconnect it. Hold down the console button for a few seconds and then reboot your console.

– Once restarted, the error should be fixed

2. Updating System Software

If the system software of your console is not updated, then you might experience this error and eventually it affects your game performance. Therefore, make sure to update your system software to the latest version. Here are the steps:

– Go to Settings >> System

– Select Software and then click on the “System software update and settings”

– Select the option “Update it from the internet”

– Go to try selecting software update and then select continue with the update

– Lastly, click on Yes to update the software

– Once updated, check if the error still persists

3. Rebuild the Database

Rebuilding the database of your console should be your next move to resolve the error. This method will scan the internal storage and then check and fix the broken or corrupted files.

– First of all, enter the “Safe Mode”. For that: Turn off your console. Hold down the power button on your PS5 until you hear the second beep

– Connect your controller with the provided USB cable and then press the PS button

– Select “Rebuild Database” from the menu

– After scanning, it will create a new database of all content and fix this error

4. Move the Game to the Internal Storage

In case your storage drive where the game is installed is defective or broken, you might receive error code CE-118877-2 on your PlayStation 5. So, try moving your game to the internal storage and check if that worked. Here is how you can do it:

– Go to the Home Screen on your PS5 >> Settings >> Storage >> Console storage >> Games and Apps

– Select the app and then click on the Move button 

– Once done, relaunch the game and you should be good to go

5. Factory Resetting the Console

Your last resort is to factory reset your PS5. This last method will help you restore all the settings to default and remove the saved data permanently. To do this:

– Go to Settings >> System software >> Reset options >> Reset PS5 >> Reset option

– Once restarted, run the game and the error should be fixed now

That’s how you can try to fix PlayStation 5 error code CE-118877-2.3

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