6 Fix for ‘No Overwatch License Found’ Error

Fix No Overwatch License Found Error

Overwatch is one of the best team-based multiplayer titles that has maintained a huge player base after all these years. Currently, the game is experiencing an influx of cheaters and the matchmaking has become worst, but an issue with the game that’s prevailed all these years is the “No Overwatch License Found” error. When you get this error, it basically means that you do not own the game. Needless to say, a lot of users who own the game are getting the error message.

It can be frustrating when you see this error. The errors occur at random when you reattempt to play the game after a while. Some users returned to the game after months only to find the error. They are confused if they need to repurchase the game. Fortunately, it’s just a bug that can be resolved and you don’t have to repurchase the game. Here is what you need to do to fix the error.

How to Fix Error: No Overwatch License Found

To fix the No Overwatch License Found error, the first thing you should do is ensure that you are logged in via the correct Battle.net account. Make sure that the Battle.net account that you use is the same account you used to purchase Overwatch. If the error still occurs, here are a few solutions.

  1. Problem on Blizzard’s End
    • One of the most likely cause of this error may be a problem with the servers. Several times we have seen huge amounts of players getting this error. When a lot of players get the error at the same time, it’s usually due to the servers. Check out Downdetector to verify the status of the server and see user’s reports if they are getting the same error. If you get another error message after no license found such as lost connection to server, the issue is probably with the servers.
  2. Reset of Change Password
    • There may be some glitch on the Blizzard end that’s causing the issue and changing the password is a solution that has worked for us. We encountered this error once about a year back and a simple reset of the password allowed us to bypass the error.
  3. Update Battle.Net and/or Restart
    • If the Battle.Net client is undergoing through an update or there is a newer version, which you have not installed, the error can occur. Hence, update the Battle.Net client. If you have not restarted the system after the update, do that.
  4. Expired Trial period
    • If you get the game via a free trial and the duration of the trail has ended that may be the reason behind the No Overwatch License Found error. In that case, you will have to purchase the game to continue.
  5. Change the Servers
    • Changing the server to America and then back again to your native is a known fix for this problem. With some luck, it may work for you as well. If you play on Americas, change to Europe in Battle.net client, launch the game, and then back again to Americas. Now, attempt to play the game.
  6. Redeem the activation code
    • If you have installed the game via a physical copy, check the box for an activation code. Ensure to redeem the code to stop seeing the No Overwatch License Found error.

You should have resolved the No Overwatch License Found error after following the above solutions. Let us know in the comments what worked for you or if you have a better solution.

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