How to Fix Madden 23 Unknown login Error

 How to Fix Madden 23 Unknown login Error

Madden NFL 23 certainly feels like an authentic NFL experience and the EA team always makes sure to release an update every now and then to fix certain bugs and glitches. However, many players have been reporting several issues with the game such as being unable to connect to the EA server, interceptions are broken among others. Adding to these issues, many players are now reporting that they are encountering an “Unknown login” error in Madden 23. In this guide, we will show you some potential workarounds to fix it easily.

Fix Madden 23 Unknown Login Error

An “Unknown login” error in Madden 23 is causing many gamers to experience difficulty while logging into the game account and they are looking for a quick solution so that they can enjoy the game again. If you are experiencing the same error, here is how you can fix it.

Removing and Re-adding Your Gamertag (For Xbox & Series X|S)

This method will also work on the Xbox and Xbox Series X|S. If you are experiencing an unknown login error in Madden 23, then removing and re-adding your Gamertag can resolve the issue easily.

Changing the DNS Settings

The next solution we recommend is changing the DNS settings. This method has worked for some players so it might work for you too. To do that:

– Open the Google Home app

– Tap Wi-Fi Settings >> Advanced Networking

– Tap DNS

– Choose your public DNS server as Primary and Secondary as

– Tap Save and launch the game, the error should be fixed

Clearing the Saved Game Data

You can remove the saved game data on your consoles. Here are the steps to follow for PlayStation and Xbox.

For PlayStation

– Go to Settings >> Storage >> Games and Apps

– Select the Delete content

– Select Madden 23 and select Saved data

– Select the Delete option and press Ok to confirm

For Xbox

– Go to your Home Screen and highlight the Madden 23 and hit the Menu button

– Select the “Manage Game & Add-ons option

– Next, hit the Saved Data box and choose the game files

– Lastly, hit the “Delete” option and clear out the saved data

Disabling Antivirus

At times, your PC’s antivirus can prevent the game from running smoothly so try disabling your antivirus program or add the game as an exception and then check if the unknown login error is fixed in Madden 23.

Remove Connected Devices

If none of the above solutions work, your last resort is to remove connected devices. If you have connected any additional USBs on your console, then remove them and restart your console and then check. The error should be resolved now.

That’s all methods we have covered here to fix the Unknown Login error in Madden 23.

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