How to Fix Hogwarts Legacy Early Access Not Available or Working Issue

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

The early access period of Hogwarts Legacy is finally out and countless players have already started exploring the world. But unfortunately, many unlucky players are still struggling to get on the game as they are running into multiple issues and bugs. Many players are now reporting that their early access is not working. When they attempt to access the early access on Steam, the ‘Play’ button remains gray and doesn’t turn green. 

If you are also encountering the same issue, here is how you can fix Hogwarts Legacy early access not available or working Issue.

Fixing Hogwarts Legacy Early Access Not Available or Working Issue

Undeniably, Hogwarts Legacy is a great and magical game. Fans are loving every second of it. Well, like some other players, if you are also not able to get early access to Hogwarts Legacy, then this guide will help you to resolve this problem.

1. First of all, simply exit from Steam and then load back in. After this, the ‘Play’ button should turn into ‘Green’ and you should be able to play it without any issues.

2. If that doesn’t work, try verifying the integrity of game files to fix any missing or corrupted game files. Go to Steam Library >> Right-click on Hogwarts Legacy >> Properties >> Local Files >> Verify Integrity of Game Files.

3. A poor and unstable internet connection can also cause this issue so make sure your internet connection is fast and stable. 

4. Updating your graphics drivers and restarting your PC is also one of the best methods to fix the early access not working issue in Hogwarts Legacy.

5. As a last resort, try uninstalling and reinstalling the game and it should fix the issue.

6. If nothing worked, you will need to reach out to Steam Support for further help.

Hopefully, one of the methods will help you to eliminate Hogwarts Legacy early access not available or working issue. 

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