How to Fix Forspoken Crashing on PS5

 How to Fix Forspoken Crashing on PS5

Forspoken is the latest action role-playing game developed by Luminous Productions. This highly-anticipated game is now available for download only on PC via Steam and PlayStation 5. Recently a new update has been released by the developer to improve the overall gaming experience. However, many PS5 users are consistently dealing with game crashing issues on their consoles. If you are also experiencing the same issue, worry not and try out the following methods to fix the Forspoken crashing issue on PS5.

Fixing Forspoken Crashing on PS5

In most cases, when the game crashes on PS, it doesn’t show any error message or code so it is quite tough to figure out what exactly the main reason is. However, in this guide, we have covered all potential solutions to fix the Forspoken crashing issue on PlayStation 5 console.

1. First of all, simply restart your PS5 to eliminate any temporary glitches arising due to some corrupted cache.

2. If that doesn’t work, make sure your PS5 as well as the game both are updated to the latest version. If you are using an outdated version, then you might experience the crashing issue on your PS5.

3. Corrupted saved game data can be one of the reasons why your game is crashing on PS5. Therefore, try deleting all saved data and then try again. For this: Go to Settings >> Storage >> Saved Data >> Forspoken. Then press the Options button on the controller and then delete the selected game-saved files. Once done, reboot your PS5 console.

4. In the next method, we will rebuild the PS5 database. This method will allow your console to resolve any storage-related issues that are triggering issues with the game. To do this:

– Press and hold down the power button until you hear the two beeps. Now, your PS 5 is in Safe Mode

– Next, connect the PS5 DualSense controller to a USB cable and then press the PS button on your controller in order to pair

– Now, select “Clear Cache and Rebuild Database” and select the option “Rebuild Database”

– Wait until the process completes 

– Once done, try launching the Forspoken on your PS5

5. Using Performance Mode is also one of the best methods to resolve the Forspoken crashing issue on PS5. For this: Go to the home screen of PS5 >> Select Settings >> Save Data >> Game/App Settings >> Game Presets and then select “Performance Mode”.

6. Disabling an HDMI device should be your next move to fix the Forspoken crashing issue on PS5. It has worked for many players so it might work for you too.

7. If the issue still persists, try installing the game on a different part of the hard drive. To do this:

– Delete the game completely from your console

– Install any other game or demo roughly the same size as the game

– Reinstall the game and other DLC items you had previously 

That’s all for this guide on how to fix the Forspoken crashing issue on PS5.

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