How to Fix EA Error 500 – Internal Server Error

 How to Fix EA Error 500 – Internal Server Error

Electronic Arts is a very popular American video game company. Although a few updates have already been released over the past few years in EA and EA Play, none of them have resolved the EA error 500 – Internal server error. This is one of the long-standing errors in EA and so far, players have already tried countless workarounds but nothing helped. If you are in the same situation, this guide will help you to know more about this error and learn what you can do when you encounter EA error 500 – Internal server error.

Fix EA Error 500 – Internal Server Error

Do you have no idea why EA error 500 appears while playing the game and what to do to fix it? Well, this particular error message is caused by a server error. So, there are only a few things you can try from your end to fix this error.

1. First and foremost, simply reload the web page by pressing F5 or Ctlr + R and check if the error is gone.

2. Next, make sure the Date and Time are set correctly on your PC

3. If you have already set the date and time correctly and are still getting this error, your next workaround is to clear the DNS cache. To do this:

– Click on the Start button and go to Command Prompt (or simply Press Win + R keys and enter cmd)

– Select Yes if prompted to make changes to your computer

– Then type in ipconfig /flushdns and press Enter

– Then the process will start and after a while, you will get a message confirming that the DNS cache has been flushed

4. If that doesn’t resolve the EA error 500 – Internal server error, then try clearing the browser cache. For this

– On your computer, open Chrome

– At the top right, click More

– Click More tools. Clear browsing data

– At the top, choose a time range. To delete everything, select All time

– Next to “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files,” check the boxes

– Click Clear data

5. If nothing worked, try running the Origin setup file as Admin. The process is pretty simple. Just right-click on the Origin client icon on your desktop and then click on “Run as Administrator”.

Well, these are the only things you can try to fix EA error 500 – Internal server error. A retired community manager of EA has already answered on the EA community page: “A Server error causes the Error 500 message. Usually, just refreshing the page and clearing your cache and cookies should do the trick and allow you to log back in and play, but sometimes it doesn’t work.” 

That’s all we have in this guide to fix EA error 500 – Internal error.

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