How to Fix Discord Yellow Border When Screen Sharing or Streaming

 How to Fix Discord Yellow Border When Screen Sharing or Streaming

Discord is undeniably a great one of the most popular messaging platforms and it is very well appreciated by its fans globally. But unfortunately, Discord also disappoints its users with several bugs and issues like Bad Network error or your files being too powerful errors or stuck on checking for updates, and more. Adding to these issues, many users are now complaining that they see a yellow border when screen sharing or streaming. This issue occurs mainly due to the latest update but some other users are experiencing the same issue on their older version. Just in case you are figuring out how to fix Discord’s yellow border when screen sharing or streaming, then you are here at the right place. Let’s learn how you can fix this problem.

Fixing Discord Yellow Border When Screen Sharing or Streaming

Discord has recently released an update but it seems to have caused an annoying issue where users see the yellow border. The new update allows users to play their games and enjoy YouTube content together but it sometimes resulted in a yellow border. Thankfully, there are a few potential methods you can try to fix this problem.

– First of all, simply restart Discord and check if you are encountering the same issue.

– Next, make sure your Windows is updated to the latest version.

– Also, make sure to update your Discord to the latest version.

– Restarting your PC should be your next move and then check if the issue still persists.

– It has also been noticed that most Windows 10 users are facing this issue. So, if it is possible, try switching to Windows 11 and the issue should be fixed.

That’s everything you can try to fix the Yellow border when screen sharing or streaming. 

If the above methods don’t work, worry not as a senior engineer has already acknowledged this issue and said – “We are using a new form of graphics capture. However, on older versions of windows (windows 10) specifically, this graphics capture interface would make the window being captured have a yellow border. Windows 11, it does not have a yellow border. We had a bug in the code that was not detecting this appropriately. For now, we are rolling back this new capture interface, so that we can fix this issue, so in around ~30 minutes we should have this fix deployed to the stable client – and the yellow borders will be gone following a reload of your client. Sorry for the inconvenience!” 

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