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How to Fix Cyberpunk 2077 Crafting Bug

How To Fix The Cyberpunk 2077 Crafting Bug

Cyberpunk 2077 wasn’t exactly a rushed release (the game was in production for 7+ years) but for the final leg, the studio had to let go of certain gameplay intricacies and serve the desperate gamers. Well with the next updated patch release most bugs should be fixed sooner than later. But for now, in the naughty list of Santa, we’ll have to add another red mark – the Crafting Bug. Read on to find how to fix Cyberpunk 2077 Crafting Bug.

What are the Crafting Bugs/Glitches in Cyberpunk 2077?

  • Crafting Bug basically revolves around players receiving this error message – “Reach level {int_0} to upgrade this item” when trying to upgrade weapons or items. This although goes with the fact that players did not have the minimum requirements to make those upgrades in the first place. The error is thought to have originated after the 1.05 patch.
  • In addition to this, there also seems to be a Crafting glitch in the game where players can craft expensive/rare items infinitely. The players can then sell these items for easy money. However, using this hack too much is causing another problem where the error shows “Saved data is damaged and cannot be loaded.” The players will then be forced to load a pre crafting saved file.

How to fix Cyberpunk 2077 Crafting Bug

Both the bugs are actually not a serious threat. The infinite Crafting Glitch can be resolved by loading an Auto Save from before you went on the insane farming mode. The other Crafting Bug with the error message “Reach level {int_0} to upgrade this item“  can be sorted as follows:

  • The simplest way is to level up and you will not be bothered by this message.
  • Else, go for the old file verification method. So in the case of Steam, go to the library section, on the menu select properties, select the local files tab, and then click verify the integrity of game cache. Similarly, for Epic Games, go to the library section, from the drop-down list select verify. It might take a little time for verification but then you should be good to go.

Cyberpunk is fixing its issues one by one. The most recent patch being the hotfix 1.06. CD Projekt studio believes these bugs will be ultimately fixed but are mainly disappointed with the hit they have taken on their reputation.

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