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How to Fix Apex Legends Playlist Unavailable Error

Fix Apex Legends Playlist Unavailable Error

Apex Legends – the popular free to play FPS Battle Royale seems to be encountering a new issue which several players have been facing for quite some time now. The bug which reads Playlist Unavailable is an error that prevents players from joining matches. But this seems to be a manageable issue and players have discussed solutions on community forums. Read on to find out more about Apex Legends Playlist Unavailable error and possible fixes.

Fix Apex Legends Playlist Unavailable Error | Possible Fixes

The Playlist Unavailable error is a frustrating one and players are victims to this issue randomly sometimes. Players cannot see the friends when they join and can’t ready up (this also has been a separate issue where players were not able to jump to the next round and instead pushed back to game modes menu). However, there are several ways by which you can resolve the issue and are pretty straightforward. You can try the below listed methods:

Online community discussions seem to suggest that this issue might be occurring after the recent patch updates (Apex Legends 1.56 was the most recent patch that promised to address stability improvements, freezing issues, text chat issues with Steam, issues with event skins, clubs related issues, etc). But the same issue has been faced by players in previous seasons as well.

  • Restart The Game – As the name suggests players can close and restart the game. If the playlist is unavailable in a party, players can try leaving and then joining the party back. Else, completely switch off and restart the gaming console or PC. These quick-fix methods have been sufficient to get rid of the issue.
  • Change the game mode to the firing range and change it back to the one you wanted – This was suggested by a Reddit user in the community discussion r/apexlegends/ a year ago. And so it seems the problem has been there long in the game.
  • Factory Reset PS or Reinstall the Game completely – Note – this should be the last resort since restarting the game usually does the trick.

Apex Legends developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts was released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows, on February 4, 2019. The game has since then been highly appreciated for the movement capability, intuitive communication system, and free to play setup amongst other features.

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