How To Find Thrilladrome Lost Sector in Destiny 2

Debarun Joardar
Debarun Joardar

Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 are PvE tasks that last 10-15 minutes and can be harvested for valuable materials and rare weapons. Bungie adds at least three new Forgotten Sectors to the game with each update. Thrilladrome is a Lost Zone on the Neomuna of Destiny 2 world. It debuted with the Lightfall update. You are here because you cannot find the entrance to the Thrilladome Lost Sector. Don’t worry. We shall help you out. Keep reading this article to find more. 

How To Find Thrilladrome Lost Sector in Destiny 2

The exciting Thrilladrome Lost Section can be found in Neomuna’s Liming Harbor region, which is located in the map’s southeast corner. When you rank up to rank 12 with Nimbus, there’s even a quick transit point in that area for you to get to. 

The Thrilladrome, like all Lost Sectors, will become a Legendary Lost Sector where players will be able to attempt and obtain new exotic armour components throughout the seasons of each Destiny 2 year. 

The site of the Thrilladrome in Neomuna is indicated on the map above. It’s a big structure with an arcade inside, and you’ll recognise it by the iconic Lost Sector symbol inscribed on the wall above this entrance.

Continue inside until you reach this chamber with the strange alien plant life enclosed in these two big glass enclosures. Gaze up above you and jump to the next location.

Once you jump up, you will see a duct with a grate on it. You can blast the vent and open it to go inside, as you’ve become acclimated to doing throughout Destiny 2’s missions.

Follow the route ahead of you once inside the duct and you will make your way into the Thrilladrome. 

The Thrilladrome looks like a futuristic city with weapons and buildings. And with that comes powerful foes. Just a reminder-the power level for Thrilladrome is 1780. So until and unless your power level is above that, do hold off on travelling to the futuristic city, no matter how alluring it might seem. Just grind a bit and level up more before you make your way to Thrilladrome. With that being said, that is all regarding how to reach the futuristic city in the new Lightfall update of Destiny 2. 

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